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CTCFS provides authentication of individuals by searching various multiple nationwide public information databases with criteria that you enter. All of our currently available searches are listed below.

Social Security Number(SSN) - The Social Security Number is the most widely used and carefully controlled number in the country, making it a very attractive identifier. After entering an individual's SSN, CTCFS will perform an account number search against our NPID databases to help prevent fraudulent uses of an individual's SSN. The information returned for this type of search reveals the subject's  name, aliases, age, current and previous addresses.

Background Searches - Civil or Criminal Searches by State/County, CTCFS has the ability to perform a wide range of background searches. Verification and authentication of individuals through locator searches. Background searches for corporate and or businesses, asset and pre-employment are available. Each search group has numerous detail searches pertaining to that group. An example of which are the searches relating to background information.

  • Civil or Criminal Searches by State/County
  • Professional License Verification(Pilots, Doctors, Special Services)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Judgements
  • Tax Liens
  • Credit Reports
  • Driving Records

OFAC Search - CTCFS keeps a periodically updated database of Foreign nationals, companies, and ships contained on the OFAC listed provided by the Department of the Treasury. This database can be searched by individual name or title, and/or vessel name or callsign.  The information returned for this search includes full name, any aliases, country of origin, date of birth (where applicable), and additional notes from the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Telephone Number - CTCFS uses over 80 million listed phone numbers and over 60 million households in its attempt to further identify an individual. We also use 3,600 white page directories covering virtually every zip code in the country. The periodic update of the database gives us the most up to date information. After entering a phone number the information returned is name and address(street, city, state and zip code) of the assigned number.

Reverse Address Search - You are able to use any combination of the name, street address, city/state, zip code and phone number to authenticate the individual. This compounded search uses multiple instant response Nationwide Public Information Databases to accomplish the task.

Fraud Database - This database with over 10,000 current entries has been built by the active merchants using the system. It comprises the most recent fraudulent activity in the area.

Bulletin Board - This hot little page highlights items of interest concerning some of the most recent fraud attempts in the region, posted to by our clients. It contains current high risk names and or addresses being used and phony or invalid IDs in circulation. It also includes schemes or scams currently being used and any other fraudulent activity of interest to our client base.

Collections/Recovery - CTCFS has built a team of professionals with over 25 years of service in this field and a above national average success rate.

You can preview these services by clicking on the "Services Demo" link.

Test your knowledge of Fraud / Collections with the new CTCFS On-line Trivia link.